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drilling rig count

Media Doesn't Know Natural Gas From Gasoline

CNBC had an interview the morning with John Hofmeister, the former head of Shell's U.S. operations and now heading up Citizens For Affordable Energy.  The story on CNBC's web site that accompanied the video clip of the interview totally mixed up the impact of the falling drilling rig count in the U.S. with gasoline pump prices.  =>Continue Reading

Rig Count Up; End of the Decline?

Wow! The Baker Hughes U.S. drilling rig count released last Friday showed an increase in active rigs.  While active rigs increased by only four (one on land and three offshore in the Gulf of Mexico) the important thing is this was the first neutral to positive change in the rig count trend since last fall.  In fact, it has been 20 straight weeks of falling rigs until last week's rise.  Does the increase signal a reversal in trend? =>Continue Reading

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